10 Batman?

A week had passed since Naruto and Sasuke had been corrupted by the dark side. Currently, Akihiko was thinking whether to graduate earlier or not as he already know basic jutsus since his chakra control is almost perfect.

Akihiko also searched for clues about when the Uchihas would rebel whenever he visited Sasuke as that would be the day Itachi killed them all. Today was the day, the Uchiha Massacre would happen.

The academy life was boring as usual, Akihiko only spent time talking with friends. Today, as Akihiko planned, Naruto asked Kushina if he could have a sleepover with Akihiko and Sasuke. Kushina agreed but with Mikoto following Sasuke as she haven't seen her friend for a long time.

[A/N: This is basically me bullshitting, since I don't know how to keep Mikoto out of her home. Sasuke will bring her together since Kushina and Mikoto know each other.]


In Uchiha Compound,

[Mikoto's POV]

"Mom, Naruto said he will have a sleepover at his home tonight. Can I go there. And Akihiko will also be there." Sasuke said with a smile. I could tell that he was quite happy.

'Huh? This is the night when Fugaku will attempt to rebel along with the elders. Is it just a coincidence? I might just be overthinking.' I thought.

"Yes son, you can go but Mom won't be able to go there tonight" Mikoto replied with a smile.

"No, you also need to follow me. Naruto told me that his mom will only allow the sleepover if you also come. Please? Please?" Sasuke asked with a pleading voice.

"Alright, Alight, I'll go." I answered with a sigh.

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At nighttime, in front of Naruto's house.

"Yo, Akihiko, Sasuke. Hello Aunt Mikoto." Naruto greeted them.

"Hey, Mikoto. Long time no see. Sasuke follow Naruto, he will show you the place. Akihiko have been here a lot of times so he already knows the place."

Mikoto was too shocked seeing her friend's face so she didn't reply back.

Sasuke just nodded and followed Naruto. Akihiko was currently planning to get more people to the dark side.

After the kids went to their room, Mikoto bombarded Kushina with lots of questions.

"Hey, Kushina. How did your face become smoother? How did you lose your wrinkles? Why is your face like when you were younger? Can you tell me how you did it?"

"Hey, I didn't have that many wrinkles! Anyways, I became like this after Akihiko-kun fed me a droplet of unknown water. He told me that it is beneficial to me." Kushina answered truthfully.

"Akihiko-kun, huh? He is quite mysterious; don't you think so? His massage techniques are also good." Mikoto said while whispering the last part but Kushina heard it.

"Ohhh, Akihiko's massage techinques huh? They are very good. Did you also get 'that' when Akihiko-kun was massaging you?" Kushina asked with a mischievous smile.

"H-huh? I-I don't k-know what you're talking about? Anyways, we haven't met for many years huh? Hahaha." Mikoto tried to change the subject.

"Don't change the subject Mikoto. I have also tried Akihiko-kun's massage you know. So I know what happens after the massage."

"I see" Mikoto answered and told Kushina what happened. Kushina was relieved when she heard what happened although she felt quite strange as to why she was feeling like that.

Mikoto and Kushina talked about everything they did these years, Mikoto forgot everything about the Uchiha Clan rebelling as she was engrossed in talking that they didn't notice Akihiko who went out of the house while Sasuke and Naruto was asleep.


[Akihiko POV]

'What the hell? I thought I will get missions about Mikoto and Kushina but what the fuck in the fucking fuckity fuck is this? Aren't you the Pervert System? Why the hell are you sending me missions to fight?' I cursed in my mind as I saw the mission on the screen.


[Save Izumi Uchiha]

[Time Limit: 30 minutes]

[Reward: Ninjutsu Talent, Kenjutsu Talent,]

[Penalty: Izumi Uchiha dies, You have a chance to die]


'Fuck! The rewards are too good. I will just save her then run away. Yes, I accept the mission' Akihiko thought.

Before he left, Akihiko decided to take a few Super Ultra Cookies that have the best taste of the Cookies he made and wrapped a black cloth around his face leaving only the area for his eyes.

Akihiko then ran quickly towards the Uchiha compound but he came closer to it, he saw a teenage girl with red eyes with black tomoes trying to run away. Akihiko didn't see anyone so he decided to take her and quickly run away.

"Shh, be quiet. I'm here to save you." Akihiko whispered but one could hear a childish tone in his voice.

"Aren't you just a child? How can you save me?" Izumi Uchiha questioned.

"Shh, just eat this cookie and do you know Kushina-san? Go to her house." Akihiko said as he stuffed the cookie in her mouth.

Izumi Uchiha wanted to retort but after tasting the cookie she continued eating it.

Izumi body flickered towards Kushina's house and ran away as fast as she could while Akihiko on the other side had a tanto around his neck.

As Akihiko turned his head around to see who it was, he was shocked to see Itachi Uchiha with blood splashed all across his clothes.

"Who are you?" Itachi asked in a cold tone.

"I'm Batman"



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