236 :

When Nathaniel opened his eyes, he let out a groan, realizing that he had fallen head first to the ground. Taking a sitting position on the grass, he had to clutch his head between his hands because of the pain. He was currently experiencing the worst headache he ever had and even his sight was blurry. Closing his eyes as well, he did not move and waited for the worst of the pain to lessen before opening his eyes again. Relieved to see that his vision was back to normal, he saw Na-Yung bow on the ground near him.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" He said quietly.

Taking care to not overtax his brain, he recalled what happened earlier. He had strictly no idea what happened and how it happened but it was extremely worrying for him. If it happened on a mission, he would have put his whole team in danger and he would have most likely died. That was a very serious warning and until it's resolved, he may have to stop doing missions or he risks becoming a liability.

"Who is she though?" He asked himself.

Nathaniel was confident that this woman's face was so peculiar that there was no way that it was an hallucination. But who was she? And from where did he know her from? That wasn't from Marc that he knew for sure and he was confident he would remember her if he met her in his youth. He had trouble putting his finger on it but there was something peculiar about her face. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen but that wasn't it. There was something almost alien on the way that she was behaving.

The only good news about this was that considering that Na-Yung hadn't come back yet, he must have passed out for a few minutes at most. Getting to his feet, he dust himself off and used his phone as a mirror to see if he had something on his face. Once he had fixed himself and made sure everything was good, he looked at the bow on the ground. With an apprehensive face, he picked it up with a finger and propped it on the arrow case.

Few minutes later, Na-Yung came back with a huge case in her left hand.

"Sorry, the coach wanted to talk about our next tournament." She apologized.

"Don't worry about it." He smiled.

She then picked up the bow, wiping it using some sort of cloth and then putting it in the case that she had brought with her.

"We can go now." She said.

"Wait, really? You don't have to stow all this gear away?" Nathaniel asked, showing the target and arrow on the field.

"We usually do but since you are here, I excuse myself and since it's the first time, they didn't give me a hard time." She shrugged.

"You don't have to dodge that for my sake you know, I could have waited longer."

"Maybe but the girls saw me talk with you and told me in no uncertain terms that if I had the chance to 'hit that' I must for their sake and tell them afterward all the glory details." She smirked and Nathaniel laughed.

"Since when do you practice archery?" He asked.

"Eight years soon to be nine I believe. Why?"

"I was just trying to find a point of comparison. How much time would you need to be able to hit the bullseye of a target, two hundred yard away using a bow similar to yours without having to aim?"

"You mean outside of having an absurd amount of luck?" She frowned.

"Of course." Nathaniel nodded.

"I can myself shoot at that distance and hit the bullseye two out of five shots. Without aiming, you will need to be naturally gifted with the bow and having at the minimum at least decades of experiences."

Decades. That word rings long and hard in his mind. That wasn't making any sense at all why he could do it. Himself had lived less than two decades of life and Marc never even saw a real bow in his entire life outside of once in a movie and it was a really bad movie. There was something he was missing, he was sure of it. He needed to figure it out before he started going crazy.

"Are you alright?" Na-Yung asked.

"Yeah, I just have a bad headache, it's going to pass don't worry."

"You sure? I have some Ibuprofen in my bag if you want… Hey, what's that?" Na-Yung said, pointing at something on the campus.

Lifting his head, Nathaniel followed her finger and saw what she was talking about. Students were running in that direction, shouting to their friends about something. On the distance he was seeing a trail of red, moving in line.

"I'm dreaming or it looks like a trail of torches?" Nathaniel asked.

"I'm hearing shouting but I can make out the words, Nathaniel you have a better hearing than me, can you understand what they are shouting?"

Nathaniel focused his soul to enhance his earring which for some reason was harder to do than usual. However, when he understands what they were shouting, Nathaniel's eyes turn sharp and he start running in that direction.

"Fuck! Nathaniel, wait for me!" Na-Yung shouted, launching herself in a run, trying to follow him.



Around twenty fraternity students were parading in two lines, led by someone around twenty years old, each having a torch in their right hands. They were shouting this over and over again in front of where the women society had their local office. Many students were massing over them, recording it on their phone, some with amusement on their face while the others looked angry or just plain sad.

Preening at the attention on him, the leading frat guy keeps yelling higher and higher, even as the woman's start exiting their room to look at the commotion with a mix of disgusted and scared expression on their faces. Smirking, and puffing his chest, he was going to lead the pledges on another tour when he saw someone run in front of him.


Nathaniel, using a voice made to be heard on the battlefield, cut through the twenty peoples chanting and stopped their marching all together. Nathaniel just had to look at the womens exiting the Women Society Center, the crowd that had formed around and the fraternity members to get a gist of what was happening here and that made him even more angry. Stopping a few steps to his side, Na-Yung was looking as angry as him and had an expression on her face that look a lot like Camilla's, the one where she looked at everyone around her as a target for a fight.

"Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck away before we are going to move you ourself!" The fraternity leader yells at Nathaniel.

"Oh Yeah? Move me then." Nathaniel said, making a step forward and coming even closer to him.

"Last chance before I'm going to break your jaw!" He threatened.

"Now, I have a second chance, interesting. To come in front of the Women Society with your little gang of pets, chanting a **** anthem, that you have the courage to do so. But now in front of me, you are cowering away like the little bitch that you are. You are a disgrace to this University, to your fraternity and to every walking man on this planet." Nathaniel said slowly, enunciate each word clearly so that anyone around them could hear them.

That seemed to do the job as he saw the fist that was coming to his face. He could have avoided it, blocked it but he did none of that. Nathaniel just let himself get punched in the side of his face, staggering back a few steps. He did not hurt that much to be honest but Nathaniel was going to do a show of it.

"That's all that you got!? My grandmother is hitting harder than you!" Nathaniel shouted, walking right back in front of him.

That made him even more angry and he hit Nathaniel again in the face. This time, Nathaniel falls back to the ground, a hand to his face. The frat guy had no idea what he was doing and didn't know how to apply force on his punch. Nathaniel purposefully bit his tongue this time and when he got back up, made a show of wiping the blood that was leaking from his mouth with the back of his hand.

'I believe that should be enough now." Nathaniel thought.

The frat leader chose this time to kick him but Nathaniel had another idea, he dodge barely the leg that was coming to hit his stomach and launch a punch of his own. He made the most ugly, wasteful attack in his entire life but packed it with enough power that it hit him in the side of his jaw and he felt the bone shattered. The leader yelled in pained before falling to the ground, blood spurting from his mouth.

The atmosphere still for a second, no one thought that Nathaniel was going to be the one coming on top of this fight and they were looking at the frat guy who was writhing on the ground in pain, bloodied. The pledges were the most surprised as they knew their handler was a boxer and they had trouble believing that he lost to a pretty boy who look like he never worked out in his entire life.

Na-Yung on her side was smart enough and understood what her friend was doing. This is why when everyone were gobsmacked by the issue of the fight, she already had her phone out and press three digit on it.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Hello, I'm Na-Yung Kim. We are on the Campus of Columbia University. My friend just got attacked by someone. Can you please send the cops and an ambulance at my location please?"

"Don't worry ma'am, help is on the way. Don't hang up please." The female operator answered.

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