386 You Remember?

The next moment Iona nuzzled in his palm and then reached his chest and Ileus—he wrapped his arms around his sister. Tears rolled out of his eyes as his chest heaved with sobs. "Iona!" he said in a low hoarse voice. "I missed you!" He placed kisses on her forehead continuously as he cried and cried. 

His sister had finally come back. She was free from the dark forces. Ileus was the happiest man in the world today. He was standing with his wife and his sister. 

Kaizan came to stand right next to Anastasia and wrapped his arm around her shoulders as the two watched the brother and sister. While Iona was yelping and nuzzling and nipping him like a child, Ileus was only laughing and crying. "Gods, I missed you thick head!" he said. 


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