387 I’ve Got You

Rolfe was clearly struggling to control his temper or was it crazed lust? He asked, "Why did you hide your identity? Why have you done this, Iona?" Her strawberry scent hit his nostrils and all he wanted was to taste the fruit of passion. Jealousy had flared inside him seeing the way she had kissed her brother. In fact, he was seething with it. 

When she was in the camp with him, no one had dared to even flirt with her. She was so beautiful and gorgeous and voluptuous and stunning that he couldn't comprehend why wouldn't anyone flirt with her. Little did he know that they all got a hint as to what she meant to him. Who would dare?

So many conflicting emotions roiled inside him that he just stood there, hoping that his horns didn't straighten. So many suspicions arose and his mind kept dismissing them. When he faced her, she met his gaze and her eyes were a beautiful golden yellow. It was impossible to look away from them. 

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