60 60. Cultivation.

"Well, good work today. Time to close up shop." I say startling the two who were cultivating quietly.

"We didn't have any customers." Nie Li says.

"Ah well, no loss to me. I made a killing today." i tell him. "Now let's see here." i walk over to the shelves and grab off various bottles of pills and elixirs before handing them to the duo along with instructions for thier use.

"Take advantage of this time to cultivate in the cultivation rooms. Also these should help increase the cultivation speed." I tell the two.

"Thank you." Ning'er says politely.

"I'll pay you back later." Nie Li says.

Shrugging I grab some for myself. "Amelia lock up, if anyone tries to attack at night strip them and string them up." I instruct.

"Yes master."

I step into the internal world where my other bodies are waiting before shifting back to one person and stepping out again.

Now I'm just in my normal human body.

"Alright let's go." Heading towards the cultivation rooms I pop the door open and enter the first one, Ning'er in the second, Nie Li in the third.

Pulling out a spirit crystal from my pearl I inject some spirit into it and it glows a purple color with a blackish gray color mixed in.

"0 spirit force ah well no time like the present." the chant that had been made for me Amelia aptly called Death Gods Chant.

I only had a little bit of understanding towards the soul force chants and cultivation. As far as I know it's all pretty weak, I dont recall them being able to blow up mountains or anything like that. However I'm taking this as some pre training for the bleach world. The spiritual pressure there can just obliterate people if it's too high. Now that's some shit to look forward too. As for the demonic spirit transformation, I can literally turn into aliens, the fuck do i need that for? I would rather have the Kido abilities or Cero from bleach. The reason I didn't choose bleach first however is simply because they take hundreds of years as soul reapers to become strong. I want a cultivation method and way to increase my strength, the only cheat like person there is Ichigo who gets strong at a crazy rate due to his triple bloodline or whatever and the power of friendship.

Anyway back to my cultivation. I pop open the top of a high ranking spirit condensing pill bottle and toss one in my mouth. Yum cantaloupe flavor. I pull out an abstruse gemstone amulet in a dark purple color and toss it over my neck before starting the recipe the chant mentally.

The effect is instant as the energy in the room swirls around my body before entering through my pores. I can feel my very soul start to drink it in like an elixir and grow at an almost alarming rate.

This is the essence of pay to play bitches. Increase of spirit energy via the room, increase via the necklace, god tier cultivation chant, god tier medicines.

My spirit rank blows through the roof.

Smashing right through 100 spirit force becoming a 1 star bronze rank spirit master in minutes. Keep in mind this only gives minimal strenght to the body, most of this is just focused on the soul. The demon fighter class focuses on building body strength, however I don't really care about that at this point. If I wanted physical strenght I could have gone to DBZ and got myself a saiyan bloodline.

My cultivation rises rapidly just blowing right through the bronze stages. 200 soul force ,bronze rank 2, 300 soul force, bronze rank 3, 400 soul force bronze rank 4, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, silver rank. I could now absorb a demonic spirit and it's only been about an hour or so. However each rank in Silver is 1000 soul force increase.

Popping a new pill into my mouth I continue cultivating for the next 8 or so hours popping in a spirit condensing pill every so often making it to silver rank 8 before it was time to open the shop again.

I could easily make it to gold rank today but I've got work to do and my other bodies are needed for classes.

Standing up and stretching I split my body and they head into the internal world for classes before making my way to the front and take off my necklace to store it, don'twant my soul growing awkwardly after all.

"Open shop." The front slides open and there are close to 50 people hanging in the air wrapped in tentacle underneath some of them was black cloaks of the Dark Guild.

"I see, so you guys thought you could attack me at night? Even your demon lord wouldn't be able to escape from me if I wanted him dead let alone you piss ants. Kill them." There is a cracking noise as numerous necks are broken by tentacles and dropped into a portal underneath.

The others flinch. "So which ones of you are from the sacred family?" I ask.

Nobody answers.

"No need then. Amelia call Nie Li." 5 minutes later Nie Li walks out.

"Which ones of these are from the sacred family?" I ask.

He looks at them before pointing. Each one who was pointed to had their neck snapped like a twig before being dropped into a portal.

"And the others?" I ask.

"City lord gaurds." He says calmly.

"Break a leg on each and throw them back in the city." there was another snapping noise before they are whipped through the air over the nearby city wall.


"They tried to attack at night, I already took care of the dark guild members they will nourish my soul fruits." I tell him before sitting down to order breakfast from the restaurant area, Ning'er arrives soon after and joins us pouting at me.

"What?" I ask.

"I made you breakfast." She says holding up a lunch box.

"Oh well I would love to eat your cooking." I tell her with a smile which she returns watching me eat her food.

"I'll make you breakfast and lunch ev ed today from now on." She says happily.


Nie Li just shakes his head wryly. "So are we going to classes today?" he asks.

"Why not? You can recruit some of your friends I suppose. Or your little girlfriend. Just not too many and thier resources come out of your pay!" I state firmly.

"Wha?! How come she doesn't have to pay but I do?" he asks pointing at Ning'er.

"She is a cute girl who makes me breakfast. Your just an idiot." I state the facts.

"In trying to save the world I should get a discount." He says crossing his arms.

"You can pay double."

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