I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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200 Chs

Chapter 200: Final War (end)

"The war has begun!"

With those parting words, Dragon vanished, instantly dispatching a group of enemies.

In a war of this scale, survival hinged on decisive action. This was a fight for their very existence. While the number of top Marines was limited, offering some solace to the Revolutionary Army, they couldn't rely solely on Luo Ning. Establishing their own credibility was paramount.

How would they manage the world in the aftermath? The Revolutionary Army envisioned a role similar to the World Government's. The sheer number of nations across the globe made absolute control unrealistic. Replacing the World Government as the central authority, however, would allow them to maintain a degree of order. This was no small feat, and relying solely on Luo Ning wouldn't suffice. Complete dependence would leave them with little authority in the eyes of the kings in the future.

Therefore, the immediate objective was clear: demonstrate their strength. They needed to convince the world that they possessed the power necessary to govern these nations.

In fact, considering the world of One Piece, there was only one true "warm-up guy" in the original story, which presented a certain risk. Letting that individual continue their power-up posed a potential threat with each passing moment. Of course, the necessary time for this warm-up also presented an opportunity for others to eliminate them. The process was simply too slow.

Aside from Whitebeard and a handful of others, the original story didn't depict many truly powerful characters. Even those who were strong wouldn't pose a significant threat after a sufficient display of force from the Revolutionary Army.

The war was on the brink of eruption. While the Revolutionary Army was at a disadvantage on paper, it wasn't as dire as it seemed. After all, the Marines hadn't deployed their full force. Akainu led a small contingent, and in this conflict, even Vice Admirals were reduced to glorified cannon fodder.

Frankly, the top powerhouse, the Hammer Vice Admiral, truly lived up to his name – his hammer blows were devastatingly accurate.

At the lower levels of combat, the Revolutionary Army was utterly dominating their World Government counterparts. This wasn't entirely unexpected. Betty's presence was a game-changer in these basic skirmishes.

Her Devil Fruit ability was simply too broken. A random civilian could overpower an opponent with a bounty in the tens of millions, even if they weren't the most formidable fighter. Trained soldiers were faring even better under Betty's empowering fruit. The enemy forces were being thoroughly trounced.

Furthermore, Betty had Bartholomew Kima protecting her. His Devil Fruit was equally overpowered. He didn't necessarily need to kill any enemies approaching Betty. All he had to do was land a single blow to incapacitate them.

As long as killing wasn't the objective, Kuma was practically invincible in this scenario. Unless an opponent could eliminate him instantly, they wouldn't be able to get near Betty. And Betty, well, she was exploiting her abilities to devastating effect.

The higher tiers of the battle might be leaning towards the World Government, but at the lower levels, the fight was undeniably one-sided. Akainu, frustrated by this lopsidedness, abandoned the main battlefield and charged towards the lower ranks of the Revolutionary Army.

"Don't even think about it!"

Dragon, anticipating Akainu's move, unleashed a powerful tornado that flung him back. Sengoku, meanwhile, engaged in a fierce clash with the Emporio Ivankov and his allies.

The battle raged on.

Just as the stalemate seemed unbreakable, a figure bathed in golden light materialized on the battlefield.

"Kizaru!" Akainu exclaimed in surprise upon seeing him.

"Well then, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki," Kizaru drawled, "such formality isn't necessary. Though, I must confess, aiding you isn't on my agenda today."

Before Akainu could react, Kizaru launched a swift kick, blinding him momentarily.

"Kizaru, what the hell are you doing?!" Akainu roared, utterly bewildered.

"Apologies, but my allegiance has always been here," Kizaru declared. His arrival on the battlefield, with his immense speed and destructive power, tipped the scales decisively.

"Damn you, Kizaru!" Akainu bellowed, enraged by the revelation that his supposed comrade was a double agent, a viper lurking within the heart of the Marines all along.

This turn of events wasn't entirely unexpected. After all, this was Monkey D. Kizaru, Luffy's second uncle. Despite Luffy's public humiliation of the Celestial Dragons, Kizaru had turned a blind eye to his release. Similarly, during the Summit War, he appeared to be on Akainu's side but ultimately ensured Luffy's safety. One could say his loyalty to his family, like any true monkey, was unwavering.

Just as the battle reached a fever pitch, a brilliant beam of light erupted from the heart of Mary Geoise. It condensed into a massive protective shield, encasing the entire city and severing it from the outside world. This barrier encompassed only the Celestial Dragons, the Five Elders, and a select few. Everyone else, combatants included, remained on the unfortified side.

Dark clouds roiled across the sky, punctuated by flashes of lightning and howling winds.

"Damn it, Five Elders! What in the world is going on?!" Akainu roared, his gaze fixed on the Five Elders in disbelief.

"Lord Im grows impatient," one of the Five Elders responded coolly, completely indifferent to the plight of even their most powerful warriors. "You have proven yourselves inadequate against such a formidable foe. Therefore, Lord Im himself will take the reins. As for you, consider this a sacrifice for the greater good of the World Government."

In truth, sacrificing so many lives would have disastrous consequences for the World Government. But the Five Elders and Im cared little for such matters. As long as they remained in control of the seas, everything else could be rebuilt. The expendable pawns could be easily replaced.

This callous disregard for human life was nothing new for the World Government.

"Damn it!" Akainu's pupils constricted sharply. He wasn't a fool, and he understood the situation perfectly. Now, he himself was the victim.

"...Well, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki," Kizaru drawled, "it seems the situation has taken a dire turn. Do you still wish to continue fighting?"

Akainu had always held to the unwavering principle of vanquishing his enemies, even if it meant sacrificing himself in the process. Now, the shoe was on the other foot. What was his stance now?

The truth was, Akainu burned with rage, but his words were hollow. He was finally experiencing the bitter sting of abandonment, a fate he himself had readily inflicted upon others.

Akainu's worldview revolved solely around battling pirates. Dealing with true criminals, however, was a different story – a story he dared not confront. When his own home was attacked, if the perpetrators had been Celestial Dragons, his defiance would have surely evaporated.

Bluntly put, Akainu was a loyal follower, a man who never dared to question orders or carve his own path.

"This must be the activation of Uranus! It bears an uncanny resemblance to the ancient records of Uranus' deployment during the Void Century!" Luo Ning instantly grasped the situation. The other side had activated Uranus, intending to trap them all within its destructive path.

The violent winds in the sky intensified, morphing into numerous tornadoes. Terrifying bolts of lightning danced wildly, almost transforming the surroundings into a crackling hellscape of electric fury. An additional barrier materialized, effectively preventing escape. Evidently, Uranus' primary function was manipulating natural disasters.

While eliminating top-tiers like Dragon might take some time, this barrier ensured their containment for ultimate annihilation.

"Uranus? Mere child's play to deter foot soldiers!"

Though a weapon of mass destruction, Uranus held no sway over Luo Ning. Similar to the World Government's barrier, a protective shield materialized above the Revolutionary Army, impervious to the onslaught of natural disasters.

"Since they're so fond of natural disasters," Luo Ning smirked, "let's give them a taste of their own medicine!"

He infused the Red Line with The Visionary power, and right beneath the heart of Mary Geoise, a dormant volcano roared back to life. Yes, a genuine volcano erupted in the very center of the Holy Land, a sight that sent shockwaves through everyone present.

Luo Ning, however, remained unfazed. They wanted to play a game of natural disasters? He was more than happy to oblige.

Even Im himself was bewildered. He had unleashed Uranus, intending to eradicate the Revolutionary Army and Luo Ning in one fell swoop. Instead, the weapon backfired, causing catastrophic damage within Mary Geoise itself. His own house was burning.

Im was at a loss. Activating Uranus twice had significantly depleted the shield's energy reserves. Continued use would weaken its defensive capabilities. While the reserves could be replenished, it was a time-consuming process – a luxury he wasn't willing to afford.

However, Luo Ning wasn't about to let him regroup. A barrage of natural disasters – earthquakes, tornadoes, and bolts of lightning – erupted within Mary Geoise with an intensity surpassing even Uranus. The World Government's elite, including the Five Elders, were obliterated.

Im remained conspicuously absent, showing no concern for the fate of his subordinates. The World Government's high-ranking officials were no more.

As for those on the battlefield outside the shield, most had abandoned the World Government. The ruthless plan to sacrifice them as pawns had severed any remaining loyalty. There was no way they would continue fighting a losing battle.

Within the barrier, all those Im deemed worthy of protection, including the Celestial Dragons, perished.

"Enough hiding!" Luo Ning boomed, yanking Im out from his concealed position. The protective shield, fueled by Uranus' energy, had shielded Im from the devastation. Now, however, Im was exposed, a solitary figure stripped of his former authority.

"Take the World Government," Im pleaded, his voice devoid of its past arrogance. "I can assure you I pose no threat. Release me, and I'll offer you a trove of treasures!"

Im's facade had crumbled completely. In the face of Luo Ning's overwhelming power, his previous defiance had dissolved. How could he possibly continue this charade?

"Submissive now? It's a little too late for that," Luo Ning scoffed. "No one leaves an enemy alive, especially not one in your position."

The irony of the situation wasn't lost on him. Im, who had once lorded over the world, was now reduced to begging for his life. But in this winner-take-all scenario, there was no room for mercy. Letting someone like Im live was a risk Luo Ning wasn't willing to take.

With a swift motion, Luo Ning ended Im's life. As for Uranus, he deemed it a weapon too dangerous to remain. Destroying it in front of the world, he ensured it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Such a weapon would only incite further conflict among ambitious parties. With its eradication, a potential catalyst for future wars was eliminated.

With Im vanquished and Uranus destroyed, Luo Ning declared, "The reins of the new World Government are yours. I leave the rest to you." He then departed, leaving Dragon and the others to the task of stabilizing the world. Now, all that remained was to convene a global council to address the post-World Government landscape.

The era of the World Government had come to an end, and a fragile peace settled across the globe.


"Welcome home! We've been glued to the live feed, but nothing beats having you back!"

Luo Ning was greeted with laughter by the women upon his return. While they had been anxiously following the events, his physical presence brought a sense of relief.

"Home is where the heart is, after all," Luo Ning chuckled, confirming his disinterest in ruling the world. The comfort of his domestic life far outweighed the burdens of leadership.


The following months saw the Revolutionary Army diligently stabilizing the seas. They enacted a large-scale Marine recruitment drive, transforming the Marines into a strictly law-enforcement organization.

However, the sheer size of the Marines presented a challenge. With the drastic decrease in criminal activity, downsizing became necessary. The near-extinction of major pirate threats and the deterrence of aspiring pirates through the existence of the Great Prison meant a bloated Marine force was no longer needed. A restructuring effort divided the Marines into smaller, more efficient units, gradually transforming them into a true peacekeeping force.

The Great Prison continued to operate as a formidable deterrent, effectively keeping pirate activity in check.

With the world order stabilized, Luo Ning's long-awaited wedding finally commenced. For him, his journey to the world of One Piece had been a whirlwind – a rapid ascent to the pinnacle, culminating in marrying the woman of his dreams. It felt surreal, a dream come true.

And in this blissful state, Luo Ning found his true contentment, the life he had always yearned for.

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