What Is Done By Night Appears By Day

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Song Yaqin was so angry that she almost couldn't breathe. However, no matter how hard she glared, she knew that she had no other choice.

Moreover, Song Yaqin also wanted to know why Gu Yan knew that she was pregnant!

Maybe Gu Yan was bluffing her?

But, it was also very likely not!

Song Yaqin knew that Qin Lanzhi's impression of her had changed for the worse, which was why she didn't dare to gamble... What if Gu Yan really knew something? What should she do?

Thinking of this, Song Yaqin struggled to stand up. She felt a pain in her abdomen, but she still forced herself to hold on. A smile appeared on her face as she said to Qin Lanzhi, "Auntie, I'm not in a good mood and scared you so I won't disturb you for now. I'll come to see you another day."

She found a way out for herself.

Although Qin Lanzhi didn't believe it completely, she didn't continue to hesitate. She nodded and said, "Okay, you should hurry and see a doctor."