I Am Threatening You, So What 

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Song Yaqin stumbled and fell to the ground.

She was a little confused.

Why did things turn out like this?

Why did Ah Ye talk to her in such a cold tone?

Why did Qin Lanzhi start to distance herself from her?

What did she do wrong!?

That child was an accident. She didn't plan to spend her life with anyone other than Lu Ye, so how could she keep someone else's child?

She was going to marry Ye!

Qin Lanzhi looked at Song Yaqin sitting on the ground in a daze. After all, Song Yaqin was a little girl who had been running around her house since she was young. She couldn't bear it.

Qin Lanzhi looked at Lu Ye and said, "Ye, forget it. Yaqin is not in a good mood. Send her home..."

"She needs to go to the gynecology department now." Gu Yan interrupted Qin Lanzhi. What a joke. How could she let Lu Ye send Song Yaqin home.

Who knew if this woman would take the opportunity to do something.