What Does This Have To Do With Song Yaqin?

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"Is she outside? Never mind, next time then." Qin Lanzhi released the phone in disappointment.

Lu Ye could tell his mother was forcing out things blatantly. He had to find a way to gradually change her mind.

He said, "Mom, it is rare for me to be home. We should reserve it for family time and catching up. Why do you need to call some outsider over?"

Qin Lanzhi was taken aback. She rebutted, "Yaqing is not an outsider. Ye, did you forget that you two used to play together when you were kids? Yaqin often visited our house and ate with us, didn't she?"

Lu Ye became speechless. He put his hands on Mrs. Lu's shoulder while walking to the dining area. "That falls into the category of neighbors and friends. How can they be considered family? Alright, Mom, let's just hurry up and eat. I am starving to death."

"Yes, hurry and eat. You went out on a mission before, right? Look at you, you're skinnier now! You probably couldn't eat well, right?"