I Won’t Marry Anyone Else But Her

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"Grandpa, my grandfather." Lu Ye immediately leaned over and massaged the old man's shoulders. He then said, "Grandpa, you're still strong despite your age. You can kick away ten of those new recruits with a single kick!"

"Pfft, you're exaggerating too much." Elder Lu wasn't actually angry. He closed his eyes and pointed at his right shoulder. "Use some force. Did you become a soldier for nothing after all these years?"

"Hahaha, I was worried you wouldn't feel comfortable."

After Lu Ye sucked up to his grandfather, the old man finally loosened up. "Ye, are you serious this time?"

"Mhm, I won't marry anyone else but her." When Lu Ye declared it, there was no trace of a casual smile on his face. His expression turned serious. He added, "Until death do us part."

"How did you two meet each other?"