Use Gu Yan to Exchange for A Marriage

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"It's fine, Dad. That room isn't big enough to cram all of us in. Go back and sleep; I'm super tired too." Gu Yan yawned and tucked herself back in. 

Gu Dagang could only go back to the eastside room. 

He entered the eastside room and saw Zhang Lan and the two kids lying in bed. He thought for a bit and said to Zhang Lan, "Lan, should we get someone to check on Yan? Did she run into some evil spirits?" 

"Dad, stop talking! I'm scared!" Gu Moli buried herself in the blanket and shrieked. 

Zhang Lan was feeling a little creeped out and irritated. "Stop blabbering and sleep now. We'll talk about it tomorrow!"

Gu Dagang felt a little helpless. He sighed and got into the heatable brick bed. 

In the westside room, Gu Yan's lips curved up.

Zhang Lan had a guilty conscience, so that was why she was so afraid. 

In this world, no ghost was scarier than a person with a vicious heart!

Gu Yan remembered what Zhang Lan and Bai Weiyang were like in her previous life. 

These two had done way too many terrible deeds. They better wait for her revenge in this life. 

Gu Yan was way too exhausted, so she listened to the growling sounds of her stomach as she fell asleep. 

But this time, after she fell asleep, the green light did not quietly emerge from her jade pendant. 

Perhaps it was because she was too scared yesterday, Zhang Lan did not even wake Gu Yan up to make breakfast the next morning. But she was too lazy to cook, so she started getting upset first thing in the morning. She thought about it, kicked Gu Dagang, and said, "Go wake that damn girl and tell her to cook!"

Gu Dagang rubbed his eyes and got up to put his clothes on. He said, "Little Yan fell down a hill yesterday and got scared. Let her sleep some more, and I'll cook."

Even though Gu Dagang didn't really know how to cook, Zhang Lan didn't know what to do for a moment there. She didn't say anything, but her face was livid. 

Gu Dagang pushed open the door and stepped out. Gu Qiang got up and went out to play. There were only Zhang Lan and Gu Moli in the eastside room. 

Gu Moli stuck her head out from the blanket. Her eyes were swollen; she didn't get much sleep last night. 

She said with fear in her mind, "Mom, do you think Gu Yan really went to a cemetery and got possessed? I thought about it carefully and realized that the way she talked to me last night was unlike Gu Yan's usual manner. Her voice was really scary! I'm leaving with the army recruiter tomorrow. Mom, what are you and Dad going to do?"

"What can we do!?" Zhang Lan was extremely angry. She sat cross-legged on the heatable brick bed and frowned. She didn't comb her messy hair, and she was emanating a grudgeful air.

Just then, Gu Moli heard the silly chuckle from Gu Qiang from the outside. An idea popped into her mind, and she said, "Mom, aren't you always worried about my big brother's marriage? He's so stupid, so no one would ever want to marry him. Why don't you use Gu Yan to exchange for a marriage for my big brother? These things are pretty common where we live. Gu Yan would be married into another family, so you wouldn't be bothered by her anymore. She could bring her bad aura to another family, and we'd find a wife for my big brother. Isn't this like killing two birds with one stone?"

Zhang Lan was not pleased when she heard her daughter calling her eldest son an idiot. 

But she was surprisingly lit up by Gu Moli's idea.

"Great idea. I'm going to ask around and see if I could find a suitable family!"

Zhang Lan was motivated. She immediately got out of bed, put her clothes on, and freshened up. She even offered to help Gu Dagang to cook breakfast. 

Gu Moli would never get up unless breakfast was ready. She covered herself in her blanket and smirked. Exchanging marriages never had a happy ending. Gu Moli felt a lot better at the thought that Gu Yan was going to be involved in a set of exchanged marriages. She flipped around and fell asleep again.