Abnormality Means Something Is Up

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For the first time, not only did Zhang Lan leave some food for Gu Yan, she also told her to sleep a little more and stay home to get some rest, meaning that she didn't have to work in the field today.

Warmth appeared in Gu Dagang's eyes when he saw his wife being kinder to Little Yan. Then, he carried his hoe and went to the field to get rid of weeds.

As for Gu Moli, after she had her breakfast, she entered the westside room and tidied all her stuff before bringing them to the eastside room. 

In her mind, there was only one night left, so she might as well cram in the eastside room. She wasn't going to sleep with Gu Yan in the same room. 

Gu Moli went outside after she did everything. She was going to enlist in the army tomorrow, so she was going to show it off to her friends and bid them farewell. 

But before she left, she even smiled at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan's eyelids twitched when she saw that. Did the sun rise from the west today?

Gu Yan was home alone during the day. She closed her eyes and bathed under the sun on the bamboo chair like a cat. Tens of thousands of thoughts were running in her head. 

No way in hell would the personalities of Zhang Lan and her daughter change overnight. Also, letting Gu Moli enlist in the army instead of her had already been decided, so it wouldn't be the reason why they became so nice to her all of a sudden. 

Not to mention what happened last night scared the crap out of Gu Moli. 

Abnormalities meant something was up. 

At this moment, Auntie Sun leaned on the wall and poked her head out. She saw Gu Yan sunbathing all by herself in the yard and called in a low voice, "Little Yan!"

"Auntie Sun!" Gu Yan's eyes twinkled. She stood up and walked to the wall. "Are you looking for me, Auntie?"

"Are you home alone?" When she saw Gu Yan nod, Auntie Sun looked around surreptitiously and lowered her voice, "Little Yan, I just came back from the convenience store and saw Zhang Lan looking for that old matchmaker Madam Li. She wants to marry you to someone! You're already eighteen, so it's normal if she finds a matchmaker for you. But the more I listened, the more I found it weird. Zhang Lan said she didn't have high standards for the other person; she only wants your brother to be able to marry someone as well! Isn't this, isn't this exchanging marriages?!"

The smile on Gu Yan's face disappeared slowly, little by little. 

No wonder Zhang Lan and her daughter weren't their usual selves. They were trying to get her with this.

In her previous life, exchanging marriages didn't happen until a year later. Now, it seemed like it had moved up the schedule. 

When Auntie Sun saw Gu Yan not talking, she looked around again and felt a little angry and a little sorry while saying, "Little Yan, Zhang Lan has terrible intentions! With your big brother being like that, even if the other family decides to marry their daughter to him, then that means their son definitely has some issues and couldn't find a wife either! If you marry into that family, then the rest of your life would be in the gutter. Why don't you be Auntie's daughter-in-law? I will just tell Zhang Lan that you agreed to marry my son, Qiliang, and you two will get married once he comes back from the army! Auntie always liked you and wants you to be my daughter. Qiliang always listens to me on everything, so he will agree to this too."

Gu Yan was very touched. She knew that Auntie Sun was genuinely kind to her. 

However, she had Lu Ye in this life, and she only wanted to be with Lu Ye. 

Gu Yan said, "To tell you the truth, Auntie, the army recruiter came down here looking for new members and picked me a while ago. They will be here tomorrow at noon to bring me into the military. But my mom doesn't want me to go and wants my little sister to enlist in my place under my name. Now that I think of it, it seems like they want to arrange a marriage for me and give me away. Auntie, I already thought of an idea, and I go to the army tomorrow. Don't worry about me, but I still appreciate that you always think of me."

Auntie Sun listened to Gu Yan. Even though Gu Yan rejected her, it made Auntie Sun feel sorry for Gu Yan even more. "What the hell is Zhang Lan thinking? All she ever knows is how to ruin everything! The eldest girl is so promising, but she doesn't seem to care. All she ever does is spoil her little daughter! She's biased like no other!"

Gu Yan smiled and didn't say anything. 

In her previous life, Auntie Sun also mentioned how she wanted her to be her daughter-in-law. But at that time, Lu Ye already entered her heart; she just didn't notice. 

Also at that time, Gu Ye thought naively that Zhang Lan wouldn't be so heartless, but the cruel reality smacked her face!

She stopped thinking and said to Auntie Sun with a determined voice, "Don't worry about me, Auntie. I'll be enlisted in the army after tomorrow."