They Did Well

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"They did well!" Principal Gao suddenly slapped his thigh and smiled.

Ms. Li felt dumbfounded. Even Sun Xingyu looked at Principal Gao with confusion.

That would negatively affect the school. 'How is that good?'

Principal Gao grinned upon seeing the bewilderment of the two teachers. He picked up the phone and called a number.

"Hello, I'm looking for Bai Weiyang."

After a few minutes, Bai Weiyang's gentle voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

"Hello, I'm Bai Weiyang."

"Weiyang, I'm Principal Gao."

"Oh, Principal Gao, hello. What can I do for you?"

She exposed herself in front of Sun Xingyu before, but Bai Weiyang didn't care about it. Well, didn't she already graduate from the primary academy? Moreover, Sun Xingyu was merely a teacher. She was practically irrelevant.