Their Boyfriends Don’t Like Each Other Either

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Gu Moli heard her mother, and she stiffened up. Her tears welled up in her eyes.

She cried out, "It's gone. I can't go, I can't go!"

The matter regarding Blacksmith Wang interrupted her thoughts earlier. She almost forgot about her admission to the school. Now that she heard her mother mentioning it, Gu Moli felt dejected. She could barely catch her breath from crying.

Gu Moli couldn't even finish a sentence.

Zhang Lan was taken aback. No matter what she asked, Gu Moli didn't respond. She stomped her feet in frustration. "Hey, Moli, did someone at school bully you? Tell me, mom will go and beat him up!"

The three were standing in front of the school gates. Gu Moli was sobbing so hard. The guard at the gate, Old Ma, saw the scene. He remembered that Ms. Li accompanied the crying girl earlier. Hence, he immediately called Ms. Li's office.

Ms. Li answered the call. After being informed of the situation, she frowned.