The Taste of A Disappointed Love

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Lu Ye, who was encouraged by the response, became even more excited. He supported himself against the wall with one hand and hugged his little wife's neck with the other. The tip of his tongue had already entered and started to sweep through the sweet space. After encountering the soft and infatuated entanglement, he became even crazier.

They kissed and bit each others' lips gently from time to time, as though trying to prove something.

When the kiss ended, both of them were slightly out of breath.

Gu Yan touched the corner of her mouth. It was actually broken…

Lu Ye saw what she was doing and slowly approached her. He kissed the wound on Gu Yan's lips and asked, "Does it hurt?"

"Of course! Of course it hurts!" Gu Yan said unhappily, "Why don't you let me have a bite!"

Lu Ye immediately came over. "Yes, my wife can bite me anywhere on my body."

Gu Yan: "..."

This person was getting more and more shameless.