Qi Hao, Lu Ye Is Looking For You

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"Yeah, I'm still young. If only I was older." Qi Hao sighed, his expression was a little dejected. "Because I'm young, I can't do many things in time and still rely on my family. Gu Yan definitely won't like me like this."

He was beginning to belittle himself. This situation…

Principal Gao looked deeply at Qi Hao. He suddenly didn't know how to comfort his nephew. Yes, his nephew who had just lost his love.

When principal Gao had thought of his comforting words, Qi Hao turned his head away. He didn't say a word. He didn't want to say a word.

Principal Gao sighed. Sigh, children nowadays were really too complicated.

Back at home, everyone was celebrating the old lady's birthday. Qi Hao was sitting in the corner, clearly a little absent-minded.

No matter what anyone said to him, he ignored them. In the end, he even chased them away.