Playful Attitude

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Lu Ye bit his lips after saying the words.

Gu Yan quietly moved back, keeping a safe distance from the big bad wolf, Lu Ye. She then changed the subject. "You have to go to the competition tomorrow, right?"


Gu Yan nodded. "Then, rest early. It's almost midnight."

"Okay, let's sleep earlier."

Gu Yan: "…"

You're just guarding me, Captain Lu!

Let's 'sleep early' would confuse other people!

'Is this really your first time dating!?'

He really knew how to flirt!

Still, Captain Lu didn't cross any boundaries after flirting. He just lay down on the simple bed meant for visitors and covered himself with the blanket.

Lu Ye was too tall. The 1.8-meter-long bed was like a miniature bed to him. His leg was hanging off.

Gu Yan wanted to say something, but she eventually fell silent.

'Gu Yan, you have to be more reserved!'