She’s Someone I’m Protecting

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After mentioning Gu Yan's name, Lin Haoran felt as though it struck a chord in his heart. Nevertheless, the anxious feeling that rose up quickly vanished.

He nodded.

Lin Jiangdong smiled. "It seems I need to find a chance to tell Mrs. Lu that her son found a girlfriend at the Northern Star Region."

Hearing this, Lin Haoran's eyes lit up.

They both knew that Mrs. Lu… would definitely not allow Lu Ye to find a girlfriend for himself.

Let alone accept someone like Gu Yan, who was only an ordinary citizen.

'Good shot, talented?'


Mrs. Lu cared about family background more than anyone!

At the same time, Lu Ye and Li Haili had returned to Gu Yan's room and told her what happened.

Han Jiao frowned. "Is it over just like that?"

"This will do." Gu Yan knew the Lin family would definitely retaliate in another manner.

She still remembered prior to her rebirth, Lin Xiaoyu became a doctor.