Lu Ye Showed No Mercy At All

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Song Yaqin had disappeared for a few days. No one knew what she was doing.

However, her face was extremely pale. She sat beside Qin Lanzhi's bed and said with a smile, "So Ye has been accompanying you these past few days. Ah, auntie, Ye is very filial to you. My mother even told me that if I want to find a husband, I have to find someone as filial as Ye."

Look at what she said. It sounded nice but had ulterior motives.

Qin Lanzhi did not react for a moment, but Gu Yan and Lu Ye, who had just entered the room, immediately understood.

Captain Lu frowned. He realized that he had the urge to hit a woman again.

As for Gu Yan…

Her eyes turned cold, but the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and a cold smile flashed across her heart.