Argue With Song Yaqin Again

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Lu Ye cared a lot about his girlfriend, Gu Yan. Song Yaqin knew this very well. Although she was uncomfortable, she had also done some psychological work for herself over the past few days. If she wanted to get Lu Ye, she had to do it slowly!

However, Qin Lanzhi had always been her ally. She had even said more than once that she wanted her to be the daughter-in-law of the Lu family.

But now…

Song Yaqin gritted her teeth. She did not know why Qin Lanzhi treated Gu Yan so well after only a few days!

What kind of bewitching potion did Gu Yan give Qin Lanzhi? !

Song Yaqin turned around and saw Gu Yan sitting on the only chair beside Qin Lanzhi's bed which she was sitting on before.

This woman was really rude!

Her bag was still on that chair!

Song Yaqin walked over and said in a wronged voice, "Gu Yan, I've been sitting on this chair. Look, my bag is still there."

"Oh." Gu Yan nodded, but she didn't do anything.