Little Jade Pendant is a Foodie

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In all honesty, this suggestion was not too much at all. 

Plus, it was the ones who were wronged suggesting a mediation, which was what the people of the bookstore wanted to see. 

So, the store manager showed up and asked Shen Nana and her friend to apologize. 

Finally, despite how unwilling and upset Shen Nana was, she still apologized to Gu Yan and Shen Jiayi. 

As for the missing reishi mushroom, it was still going to be investigated, but Gu Yan and Shen Jiayi had nothing to do with it, so they were free to leave. 

Before they left, the store manager gave Gu Yan a 20 percent discount card and said that this was the compensation for the mental distress that she suffered at the bookstore today.

Gu Yan didn't know if she should cry or laugh and accepted the card. She thanked the store manager and left with Shen Jiayi. 

When they turned at a corner, Gu Yan's body leaned right onto Shen Jiayi. 

Her physical condition was really terrible a moment ago; it felt like she was anemic. But since she had yet to deal with the case of the missing reishi mushroom, she had to grit her teeth and power through. 

At this very moment, she really couldn't hold on any longer.

The way she looked really scared Shen Jiayi. 

"Are you okay, Gu Yan?"

"I'm, I'm okay, just a little anemic. Let's go back to the army right now."

"You don't need to go to the hospital?" 

"I don't need to. It's fine."

Gu Yan knew her own body. Although skinny, her physical qualities were extremely good, and there was no way that she was anemic. Her body didn't have any underlying illnesses either.

This sudden symptom of anemia… happened right after the reishi mushroom went missing. 

It meant that this was probably related to the jade pendant! 

Thankfully, this dizzy and weak feeling gradually started to go away. They still had plenty of time after they returned to the army, so Gu Yan decided to lie down in the dorm first.

Shen Jiayi poured her a cup of water with brown sugar, and she was still worried. "Gu Yan, are you hurting anywhere? Tell me if you don't feel good; don't try to endure it on your own!" 

Right now, Shen Jiayi was no longer the person who only cared about herself. 

At the very least, she really cared about Gu Yan and was worried about Gu Yan. 

Gu Yan was happy to see Shen Jiayi becoming more and more cheerful. She smiled, but her smile was very weak. "I'm fine, I just need to lie down for a minute."

Then, she got up and finished the cup of brown sugar water. 

Shen Jiaiyi nodded. "Just lie here, Gu Yan. I'll be reading in the room. Call me right away if you're not feeling well." 

"Okay." Gu Yan lied down again and pulled her blanket over her body. Her hand already touched the jade pendant hanging around her neck.

Shen Jiayi took out the book that she purchased today and started reading it while leaning against her bed. She quieted down as well. 

Gu Yan already took out her jade pendant. She noticed that the two little leaves inside the jade pendant that looked wilted for the entire month had suddenly become lively and vibrant. It seemed like they became a little bit bigger! 

Gu Yan remembered that when that ginseng disappeared, the jade pendant looked like this too. 

And at that time, her fingertips touched that ginseng. 

Was that enough to prove that all the precious medicinal herbs that she touched would be devoured by the jade pendant? 

If she had another chance, she would test it out to verify her thoughts. 

But if this was indeed real, then this little jade pendant was a real foodie. 

And it would only eat rare and precious medicinal herbs! So high-maintenance!

However, Gu Yan didn't feel weak and anemic when the ginseng disappeared last time, yet she had these symptoms this time… There had to be a difference between the two! 

Just as Gu Yan was mulling everything over in her blanket, she heard Shen Jiayi's serious voice coming from the side. "Thank you for everything today, Gu Yan. My cousin has always despised me ever since I returned to the Shen Family. She even gathered all other kids in the courtyard to bully me. I'm used to it already and don't want to trouble my mom, so I always just tolerated them. But I really had a great time today, so thank you, Gu Yan."