It Pained Her How Much It Would Cost

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"We're friends, I only did what I had to do. But Jiayi, you got to stop being so soft. You don't bully others, but if others bully you and you keep avoiding them, they'd think you're easy to pick on and will keep on bullying you."

Gu Yan spoke from experience. 

In her past life, she was so modest and gave everything to Gu Moli, all because she thought she was her biological younger sister, or else she wouldn't give her the spot to enroll in the army. 

But what happened eventually?

Did Gu Moli ever thank her? 

After all the hardships she went through and entered the city, Gu Moli still bullied her all the time. 

Shen Jiayi was still gloomy and didn't say anything. Gu Yan wasn't worried about that, people's personalities couldn't be changed in a snap of a finger.