Interesting Story Of Lu Ye’s Childhood

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Qin Lanzhi was stunned for a moment before sighing. "Actually, if you're also a soldier, then that's good. I'm sure you can understand Ah Ye. Sigh, no wonder Haiyang always said that I didn't understand them well enough."

"They" referred to the soldiers. The three generation of the Lu family were cosmic soldiers.

Gu Yan didn't say anything.

Indeed, soldiers had to follow orders, do things for the people, and protect their safety. Therefore, sometimes, they couldn't take care of their family.

The wives of many other cosmic soldiers, who were in other professions, would have some difficulty understanding their husbands.

Because they came from different perspectives, their opinions were different.

For example, if the husband went on a dangerous mission, then the wife would be worried. This was inevitable.

But everyone knew that it was impossible not to do the mission.