Make Him Doubt His Life

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Captain Lu blushed again. He decisively changed the topic and refused to look back.

The two of them stayed with Qin Lanzhi in the hospital for a whole day. At night, they switched shifts with the nurse.

Qin Lanzhi's condition was not too serious and she was recovering well. She could go home to take care of her son in two days. Most importantly, Qin Lanzhi could not bear to see her son stay up late.

When Gu Yan and Lu Ye walked out of the hospital, it was already dark outside. Lu Ye reached out his hand and held Gu Yan's small hand, caressing the soft flesh on her palm.

"Let's spend the next few days with my mother. When I bring you back next time, I'll go shopping with you."

"It's okay. As long as I'm with you, it's the same wherever I go. It doesn't matter even if I'm in a hospital with a strong smell of disinfectant."

Gu Yan's words were sincere, and her eyes were filled with warmth. Lu Ye's heart skipped a beat when he saw it.