If You Get Drunk

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'Commander Bai wouldn't be…'

All of a sudden, Gu Yan didn't know what expression she should be showing right now. She just gawked with her big pretty eyes at Lu Ye who was showing off.

Lu Ye chuckled, seemingly proud of his deeds. "But even now, Commander Bai doesn't know I am the one who threw it. When we saw his face covered in snow, more than 20 of us ran away in an instant."

"You really…" Gu Yan didn't know what to say.

If in the future… Lu Ye came to know Commander Bai was her father, would he recall what he did?

Luckily, they began serving the food at this time. The charcoal that was burning under the pot was crimson red.

The lamb was thinly cut—fat but not greasy. It was cooked right away as soon as it was rinsed, leaving it with great texture.

The other dishes were also brought up. All the spices were distributed too. The service was thorough. Everything they would need was set up at the table.