I Can’t Handle It

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Luckily, their location was rather distant and there was no one around. Otherwise, Gu Yan would be blushing hard right now.

Her being flushed was not the effect of alcohol. Rather, it was caused by Lu Ye's words.

Simultaneously, she felt warm and fuzzy inside. 

After drinking a few sips, she felt… peaceful.

For over an hour, the couple had eaten the meal. If it weren't for the movie they were supposed to watch later on, they would probably remain at the place and keep dining.

Lu Ye originated from the Southern Star Region. Even so, he showed his manly side that was akin to northern men in some aspects.

However, the amount of dominance he exerts was just the right amount. At least for Gu Yan, it wasn't overbearing. After all, each and every one of his actions were done for her own good.

Since Lu Ye was reluctant to have her drink too much, Gu Yan complied.

As for him, he remained true to his words. He didn't get drunk.