If Xiao Yan Is My Sister

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Gu Yan looked at Xie Luan seriously, then softly but restrained, she called out, "Mother."

The corners of Xie Luan's mouth curled up, but tears immediately fell.

In the next moment, the mother and daughter hugged each other.

Bai Changle also felt that his eyes were a little itchy. He carelessly touched his face, then said to Lu Ye beside him, "Ah Ye, I didn't expect that Xiao Yan was really my sister."

"We haven't done a paternity test yet," Lu Ye reminded him.

Bai Changle waved his hand. "It's definitely right. My mother's intuition is terrifyingly accurate. Moreover, from the first time I saw Xiao Yan, I felt very close with her. That kind of intimacy I have never felt from Bai Weiyang."

When he said this, he didn't wait for Lu Ye to react, but immediately turned his head and widened his eyes. He said in surprise, "If Xiao Yan is my sister, then who is Bai Weiyang?"