Her Daughter

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After a long while, Xie Luan finally found her voice, but her words were still a little shaky.

"Zhang Lan Is... Your foster mother? Zhang Lan from Planet Jialuo? Zhang Lan who came to the main planet as a nanny in her forties?"

Gu Yan nodded, "Yes, she is in her forties. She is from planet Jialuo, and she was a nanny on the main planet nineteen years ago. I originally thought that she was my biological mother, but when she was chatting with Gu Dagang, I accidentally found out that I am not their biological daughter."

Xie Luan's eyes widened, and she excitedly grabbed Gu Yan's hand.

Beside her, Bai Changle had already jumped up, like a frightened grasshopper. "Gu Yan, you, you mean..."

The answer was obvious.

Lu Ye was the calmest of them all. Gu Yan must have her own reasons for choosing this time to acknowledge Xie Luan and Bai Changle.