Chapter 979, the female lead died?

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There was no way to resolve the issue today.

Lin Haoran, who was so familiar with the Black Star Troopers’system, would definitely be in danger if he defected to another space zone.

It was much more dangerous than a normal space pirate!

If something happened to Bai Jianjun today, it would be a huge loss to the special forces and the Federation.

The Bai family wouldn’t be able to face it, and Xie Luan would fall apart.

Gu Yan couldn’t accept the fact that Bai Jianjun died to save her.

Therefore, this was a dead end.

If someone was going to die..

Blood flowed out of Gu Yan’s hand.

She raised her head and suddenly smiled.

Her cold eyes were as bright as the stars.

Her beautiful smile was so cold that it could topple cities!

“Lin Haoran, don’t you want to die? Then I’ll Grant Your Wish!”

Gu Yan suddenly grabbed Lin Haoran’s collar and pushed him towards the edge of the balcony of the experimental building, which was the direction of the forest!