Chapter 978 he stole you from me

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Although Lin Haoran liked Gu Yan very much, the biggest official here was Bai Jianjun.

Bai Jianjun naturally cared about Gu Yan very much and would not allow his daughter to be harmed in the slightest.

But what if later, other people came again?

Those people would not care about Gu Yan as much as Bai Jianjun.

If he chose Bai Jianjun as a hostage, then he would definitely be able to guarantee Lin Haoran’s safe escape to the outer space!

Lin Haoran knew that he had committed a serious crime.

The daughter of a commander was not enough to ensure his safe escape!

Who Was Gu Yan? When she raised her head, she saw the hesitation in Lin Haoran’s eyes. She knew that Lin Haoran’s original intention was not to die with her, but to escape!

If he could live, no matter what, Lin Haoran would not choose death!

Having known him for two lifetimes, would gu Yan not understand Lin Haoran?

He would definitely choose to exchange hostages!