Chapter 968 hostage

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At the same time, Lin Haoran, who was hiding at the side, naturally understood the meaning of the siren!

That was, Bai Jianjun had brought that group of people to chase after them, and they were also very sure that he was in this academy right now!

Lin Haoran tightly gripped the weapon in his hand.

Could it be that he, Lin Haoran, had already lost all hope? !

Looking at the three people not far away, a hint of madness flashed in Lin Haoran’s eyes!

No, he, Lin Haoran, would never admit defeat!

It was too late to say it. At that moment, Lin Haoran directly rushed towards elder Bai who was standing closest to him!

Xiao Guang stood a little closer to elder Bai. He reacted and was about to attack when Lin Haoran directly kicked him in the stomach.

The next moment, the weapon in Lin Haoran’s hand was pressed against elder Bai’s temple!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.