Chapter 967 he heard Gu Yan’s voice!

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However, as he landed on a grassy field, Lin Haoran did not suffer any serious injuries.

However, he looked even more miserable now.

Lin Haoran did not care about what happened to Lei Qing and the others in the car. He only had one thought in his mind.


He had to run!

As long as he was alive, he was not afraid of being burned!

As long as Lin Haoran escaped today and ascended to heaven, he would definitely take revenge on the Bai family when he returned!

He wanted Bai Jianjun, Old Master Bai, and the others to kneel in front of him and live a life worse than death!

He wanted Gu Yan to lie under him and cry and beg for mercy!


Because classes were about to start in the afternoon, the first Academy of the Empire was very quiet.

Lin Haoran graduated from the first Academy of the Empire.