Chapter 965 Desperado

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Lin Haoran was handcuffed as he sat there without saying a word. His face was dark.

The car was moving smoothly, and the interior of the car was not shaking at all. The other four black star troopers who were escorting him were also silent.

The air was eerily quiet.

Lin Haoran leaned back and closed his eyes as if he was enjoying the last moments of his life.

He originally thought that he would remember many things and many people.

But at this moment, his mind was almost blank.

He was only thinking about one person.

An extremely beautiful woman.

It was really a pity that before he died, he could not even fuck that woman once!

After all, that woman was supposed to be his wife!

Moreover, Lin Haoran had always been clear about his current physical condition.

He had no interest in any woman, but he could not forget about the woman who was supposed to be his wife.

How ironic.

At this moment, the car suddenly came to a sudden stop!