Chapter 964: I suspect that someone will hijack the car

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“Dad, What’s Wrong?”

Actually, ever since Lin Haoran was identified as a suspect and sentenced, Bai Jianjun had never interfered in these matters. After all, Changle was the defendant, so he had avoided suspicion.

Moreover, the relationship between the Bai family and the Lin family was still a little unclear.

Now that they had already been convicted, the matter of the transportation was a matter for the judicial department, and it wasn’t under Bai Jianjun’s jurisdiction.

Old Master Bai paused and turned to look at his granddaughter. Then, he said with certainty, “I suspect that someone is trying to hijack the car!”

Xiao Guang, the guard next to him, heard this and his eyelids twitched.

It was clearly that girl who had said that she suspected.

In the end, Old Master Bai said that he suspected..

However, in the next moment, he understood that old master Bai’s suspicion was not light.

Moreover, the old man really trusted Gu Yan.