Chapter 830 smart woman

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Gu Yan only guessed that Su Linna and Guo Jiang had a special relationship.

But Gu Yan didn’t know how special it was to what extent.

And she didn’t want to pry into other people’s privacy.

So she could only point it out.

After all, based on her understanding of that black-hearted White Lotus, now that Lin Haoran was locked up, she definitely wouldn’t stop.

No matter what, the White Lotus Flower’s love for Lin Haoran was definitely a true love that could shake the heavens and earth.

In her previous life, the white lotus flower had caused the deaths of so many people, including Lu Ye and Gu Yan. In fact, it was all for Lin Haoran.

However, Gu Yan still did not know that the Bai Weiyang in this life had become Zhang Weiyang. Moreover, her relationship with Lin Haoran had become extremely awkward and complicated.

In his previous life, the White Lotus simply cuckolded Lin Haoran.

But in this life... Lin Haoran’s head was still green, but this cuckolded hat was even more unique.