Chapter 829 was smart and ruthless

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Su Linna looked up at the newspaper on her desk. There was a bold headline on it, which was very eye-catching.

Her lips, which were covered in lipstick, curled up slightly. “Xiao Yan, I want to ask you first. were those things really done by song Yaqin?”

“I don’t know,”Gu Yan admitted generously, his tone very calm. “But song Yaqin must have done that kind of thing. So What’s the difference between one or ten? More debt doesn’t weigh you down.”

What a good debt doesn’t weigh you down.

The corner of SU Linna’s mouth twitched. She didn’t know whether to laugh or be speechless.

This girl was too cunning.

One thing and ten things had different effects.

And the song family’s reaction could also be different.

For example, if song Yaqin only went to the bar once, it could be said that she was forced or framed.

But she had been there many times..

Then song Yaqin would be at a loss for words.