Chapter 821 was always slower than Lu Ye

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“Something happened to Lin Haoran?”Bai Mengchen was shocked. She suddenly thought of something and her expression changed. “The Lin family was kicked out of the special forces’noble area... did something happen to Haoran?”

Lin Haoran was now being watched. The outsiders only knew that something happened to him, but they didn’t know what exactly happened.

It was still a secret.

However, Bai Mengchen grew up in the Special Forces Noble District, so she knew a little about these things.

If Lin Haoran had only gotten into a small matter, the Lin family would not have needed to move out of the Special Forces Noble District.

At this moment, the first thought in Bai Mengchen’s mind was, if something happened to Lin Haoran, would it implicate weiyang, and would weiyang implicate her.

Then, Bai Mengchen cursed her younger brother, Bai Jianxun, in her heart.

This bastard, sending Weiyang to her at this time, isn’t he trying to harm her? !