That person in chapter 822 had bewitched him

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He couldn’t even protect himself now.

He didn’t care about the others in the first place.

It was just that he still had some regrets and doubts in his heart.

Why did he, Lin Haoran, actually come to this point?

If he hadn’t met that person, he wouldn’t have taken the risk and wanted to get the chance to join the Snow Wolf Troop, right?

In the next moment, he opened his eyes, and an obscure light flashed through them.


Lin Haoran’s originally indifferent expression suddenly distorted.

Only at this moment did he understand.

He had been used by someone!

That person had bewitched him!

In reality, that person’s goal should be to kill Bai Changle!

Did that person have a grudge against Bai Changle? Or did he have a grudge against the Bai Family?

Lin Haoran’s heart was pounding.

... And now, Bai Changle was still alive and kicking. He, Lin Haoran, had become a prisoner!

Lin Haoran tightly clutched the book, and the book was forcefully crushed by him.