Chapter 733: A face-smacking March

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Li Tao frowned. He realized that Sun Muran was always targeting this freshman?

However, just as he was about to speak, the freshman who had been bullied opened her mouth slowly.

Gu Yan looked at Sun Muran quietly and seriously. “Senior Sun, are you jealous of My Beauty?”

Sun Muran: ..

She had said so many words, and this Gu Yan only heard one sentence? !

The six boys in this group, including Li Tao, immediately glanced at the faces of the two girls and came to a sudden realization.

No Wonder Sun Muran had been bullying this freshman. It turned out that she was jealous of her beauty.

But this freshman was really beautiful!

Sun Muran was so angry that the corners of her mouth kept twitching. She hated this Gu Yan. She was so ostentatious and beautiful, but she didn’t expect that the other party could say it so innocently and directly?

How thick-skinned was he!

Or was he too confident?