Chapter 732 seemed to be doing well so far

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The rest of them were not medical professionals. After hearing this, they quickly nodded and even gave Gu Yan a very grateful smile.

After all, if there really was a problem, people would die. This was not a joke.

At the same time, before everyone started to carry out the rescue work, they had already become more alert. Not doing things blindly was extremely beneficial to everyone.

Gu Yan taught everyone a lesson.

As the team leader, Li Tao thought of this and threw a grateful glance at Gu Yan. Then, his ears continued to be red.

Gu Yan did not receive Li Tao’s shy signal. She also did not pay attention to Sun Muran. She only whispered to Guo Rou, “Rest for a while and conserve your strength. We will start working in the afternoon. If you encounter anything, come and find me.”

“Okay.”Guo Rou nodded.

After arriving at their destination, everyone split up.

The boys and girls went to the temporary general store.