Chapter 681. It was a pity that she had yet to acknowledge her ancestors

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Bai Jianxun frowned.

He had long known that this niece was very smart and very sharp. She would not even blink when she provoked others.

If she was treated very aggressively, she would probably be pushed further and further away.

Bai Jianxun knew what his grandfather meant. He still hoped that this child would acknowledge her ancestors and acknowledge her ancestors.

His eyes flashed. He raised his head, looked at Gu Yan, and said, “Gu Yan, you’re still young. You Don’t know that sometimes, a marriage requires compromise in order to last. It’s said that it’s better to destroy a temple than to destroy a marriage. Not to mention, these are your parents...”

“I’m sorry, Secretary Bai. It’s true that Xie Luan is my mother, but Commander Bai isn’t my father.”Gu Yan smiled, “Moreover, if marriage requires compromise, then both parties should compromise with each other, and not just let one party compromise, right? Yes, I am younger than you, but I am already married, but you are not.”