Chapter 680 would he make things difficult for her

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Xie Luan felt that something was wrong. She immediately put down her chopsticks and walked over.

“Xiao Yan, are you... from the Bai Family?”

Gu Yan nodded. Her expression was unpredictable. “It’s Bai Jianxun.”

To be honest, Gu Yan was not surprised at all that the Bai family had found her.

But why was it Bai Jianxun and not Bai Jianjun?

Although Bai Jianjun was her father by blood, Gu Yan still felt that this man was very heartless in both her previous life and this life.

In her previous life, it was fine if he didn’t know that Gu Yan was his daughter, but in this life, when he found out, he was still so indifferent?

Alright, after all, she had been his daughter for so many years and had not been raised in the Bai family. It was understandable that Bai Jianjun was not close to her.

What about Xie Luan?

Xie Luan was Bai Jianjun’s wife and had given birth to two children for him!

Gu Yan suddenly remembered what her mother, Xie Luan, had said before. She had once loved him..