Judging from her state, Guo Rou was evidently frustrated and grew more despondent. She tugged her hair once more.

'Just what was wrong with Lin Xiaoyu these few days?'

Gu Yan didn't look in their direction anymore. She continued to study her revision material.

When the lights had to be turned off, Lin Xiaoyu finally gave up and returned to her own bunk.

Nevertheless, muffled sounds of sobbing could be heard in the dark.

Since everyone could still recall the debacle earlier in the day, they left her alone without even taking the initiative to comfort her.

Even though Zhang Cuihua wanted to curry favor with Lin Xiaoyu, she was inherently timid. She did the same too after noticing how Lin Xiaoyu was ignored by the others.

As for Guo Rou, she had nothing to say. Right now, her annoyance didn't settle down.

Gu Yan covered herself in her blanket and lay there. She summoned the green light from the jade pendant.