Just Remain a Village Girl

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Bai Weiyang had been calculating even at a young age. Her glib tongue could get a lot of things accomplished. She was adept at pleasing the adults around her.

When Zhang Lan found her and left a strand of hair, a ticking bomb was dropped in Bai Weiyang's heart.

She tried to deny the grim truth. This shouldn't be real. It can't be real!

'It was too absurd. How could it be real?'

However, a voice at the bottom of her heart was screaming, 'What if it was real?!'

Eventually, she found the opportunity to visit a laboratory and had a DNA test done covertly. She tricked the staff into believing it was someone else's.

In the end… she really was Zhang Lan's biological daughter!

Ever since then, Bai Weiyang strived to be even more perfect in front of others. She studied hard. She got into the First Empire Academy in her second year in the Primary Academy and became a first-year student of the Medical Faculty.