165 System upgrade

Usually, the arena gates were kept open while the soldiers trained to keep the place lit, but today, they were shut tight. Due to that, the place felt gloomier than usual. The soldiers all had tense looks on their faces, nothing like the merry, carefree smile they had a few days ago. Some even looked outright fearful. 

The reason for that was obvious. Next to Savine stood a giant box full of nothing but ice and hearts. 

Lihar couldn't understand what they were doing there.

"I know many of you were confused when I asked to bring in the corpses of the mages to me," Savine said. "But you must know our little revolution will bring about many, many different problems to our doorstep. You may think yourself invincible with the magic-negating obsidian in your hands, but at the end of the day, you're only half a thousand people.


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