157 Day's end pt.4

And looking at the woman before her, Zuri could almost immediately tell that her lady would be interested in her. There would be so many things she could achieve, so many possibilities.

From a glance, the marchioness looked like someone uptight and self-sacrificing, but actually someone self-serving and cruel. The type that spoke of justice, honor and whatever other grandiose ideal that would be useful to speak of… but also the person who would break these ideals the moment it was beneficial.

However, Zuri knew that the marchioness was someone more than that. Because Zuri could tell very clearly that she was someone riddled with guilt. 

Perhaps she was everything she looked to be on the outside, but maybe she hated every bit of it? Or did her guilt come from somewhere else?

That would be enough to catch her lady's attention, but she was also a whole package of traits her lady loved. Clever, brave, ambitious, and powerful.


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