162 Another talk


At this point, Eliseline was more annoyed, rather than confused.

"You think I'm joking?" Savine laughed haughtily. "You know I can make this a real law by tomorrow, right?"

"No… Please don't do that."

"Hey, it's my city, I do what I want with it. What's the point of getting here if I don't at least get to do this? You think I'm doing all this coz I have nothing better to do? Hey, this is very serious business, stop looking at me like that."


She smiled, finally. But she soon shrugged and looked down at the fight again. She definitely didn't take Savine seriously.

"You know?" Savine sighed. "You're probably the type of person that has very weird views on love."


"I mean, I don't blame you, considering you're a noble and the era we're in… but I you never had any experience with relationships, right?"

"Yes? I mean…"

"Yeah, I get it. There's only the option of marriage for you."



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