I Have A Super USB Drive
novel - Sci-fi

I Have A Super USB Drive

Darkness Black Bear

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What is I Have A Super USB Drive

I Have A Super USB Drive is a popular web novel written by the author Darkness Black Bear, covering Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 1.9M readers with an average rating of 4.29/5 and 342 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 271 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Who could have guessed that the accidental discovery of a pitch-black USB drive would one day turn Chen Chen’s world upside down? He quickly realizes that this was no ordinary USB drive—and it came with mysterious powers, along with its own hidden rules. Equipped with his skills and intellect as a student of biological science, Chen Chen strives to uncover the limit of the USB drive, and the limit of his own ambition. Follow Chen Chen in his pursuit of lofty aspirations—wealth, immortality, and otherworldly powers! It is a path that will lead him to a grand plan, one that will change the fate of humanity forever…

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I have read raw mtl version and Like most Urban type stories it start out OK then the MC taste power and you find out he was a Racist Xenophobic Murderous Sociopath the whole time and just didn't have the ability to be himself. Just a typical Chinese main characte


Probably the best trial read I’ve seen in a long time. please guys vote this in as soon as possible, i can’t wait 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Reveal spoiler


This story has an interesting idea unfortunately it's ruined by the authors extreme nationalism. He badmouths everything non Chinese. Its clear by the statements he makes that hes an ignorant person who has never left China and has no actual knowledge of what he writing about foreign places and cultures. He also insists that all non Chinese have blonde hair and occupy "mud huts". What is even more ironic is that the premise of the story is a usb drive that he uses to acquire things from non Chinese movies.


I don't really understand how webnovel pick what to translate. This novel is not really appropriate with international audience on how cringe the nationalism in in it. First 50 chapters made me dropped it. Having a futuristic technology really gave you an upper hand but that doesn't mean you should be a arrogant person that just shit on other race and nationality. Main goal should have been business and universal communication would promote better communication with other nationality to avoid misunderstandings. But the author's writing just make the story unlikable. A really wasteful use of a good plot. It is pitiful for the translators to translate this and won't profit from it as a result of how inappropriate the story for international audience.


Interesting story an nice events and characters, though, they are not that fleshed out. Author has the usual superiority complex about the Chinese nation and his prejudices about other nations which he directly writes down. If you can ignore that it's quite a good story.


Raw title: 我有超体U盘 Status: 402 Chapters(Ongoing) ............................................................................../////////////


Is there an industry somewhere in China which specializes in writing novels with 40+ interesting and fun to read chapters, only to massively deteriorate befor reaching chapter 60? This novel has a good start and the intro is quite well done, especially the few lectures about life and theology are a nice and refreshing touch. The onlc character to develop is the MC but that is alright. The MC plotarmour is thick and all other characters interlectually challenged. 2 examples: - MC drives Prof. to suicide, but the superior doesn't care and endorses the MC immediately after the Police could not prove his guild, despite him being clearly involved. - MC practically forces 4 people (criminal hacker masterminds) to invest in his company, with very flimsical reasoning, one refuses and dies in a car accident after leaving the meeting and the other 3 pay the money and never appear again. But this novel stopped to be worthwhile for me after the story becomes a fantasy-wish fulfillment type with slapping down foreigners and foreign companies, playing lazy excentric boss baby and generally making an ass of oneself just because he can. Worse, moral and logical thinking are completely obsolety as well as laws. It is like the MC is playing untouchable in a sandbox. No consequence, no opposition, no real thought but into story development. At this point even the USB is unnecessary. It is a nice to have after less than 50 chapters. Maybe if the author would show more of the motives and underlying reasons behind the MC actions there would be a way to save this, but a few sentences about his parents are not it. Especially because they have not been mentioned at all beforehand. In the end this novel is badly planned, illogical and very superficial. Even the basic idea of the USB is almost comically badly thought out. The line between Fantasy and science fiction is blurry and the author does not have a clue about those. Example: Can pull stuff from Oasis and not Endgame. Clear line, but Ironman movies? Stuff like super drugs from the furure are okay, but Tonys stuff is not. Pokemon detective works? Like hell. Do not recommend.


novels like this one it is a waste of time even to read it, all this group of novel from this friday is not so good in my eyes, and it is my personal opinion alon. :(


Why this shit was chosen? Man all this novels ends up chinese superiority shit means what is the meaning of some smartass with four digit iq having nationalism....all the great things tends to end up being shit because of some immature author( means can't they just enjoy culture from all over the world instead of this shitting hostility). There are so many things i like to say but at the end it's like....well whatever why i am even wasting my time on this shit. whatever just read who wants to see some dick with daydreams and nationalism fulfilling their fantasy.


I really hope this review can help somebody before reading. At first this novel looks very promising but the more you read the more you want to quit. Like most of the chinese novel i've read the nationalism is too obvious, he talks shit about everything that is not chinese, and in the long run it's really annoying. The story per se isn't that bad but the way it's told ruins eveything. sorry for my bad english it isn't my first language


Amazing novel. Finally a decent mc using his Brain. Good storyline. If someone has the raw title please post it. We need more chapters. And by the way how do you guys get the raw title and where from. Coz. I tried everything but am not able to find the novel without raw title on chinese sites.


Uhh too lazy to review but here guys a USB humping your laptop for extra power. Feel free to watch in a poop. Dont worry no one watching you. Here it is.


Condensed review from an experienced reader (I've read most translated novels): Meh, average. Read this if you have nothing else to read. The idea is novel but nothing too exciting. World building is a disaster (we've seen nothing aside from his pc and his university). It's too early to comment on character development but haven't see any yet. Story feels very slow paced and for now there is 0 action.


why are you ignoring only i am a necromancer that have more than half of support and more than 300k views? .................................


sorry to say it but again a bad story bean pick up again there nothing we can do about the good novels that was not pick up maybe next week we will have a good story will be pick up with this story will go under the rank of 200 soon :(


Fantastically translated. Holy shit is this book good. Definitely worth a try and although there’s a lot of medical jargon, both the author and translator have managed to keep my interest. This is what you call science fiction, without it being boring.


A good story with proper content and a smart mc. Proper science with little to no pseudoscience used. Understandable viewpoint. What I don't like about it: 1. Only Chinese people with actually capabilities shown and all others have shown various character flaws that were normally not shown in the chines characters. 2. There is a slight racist undertone after 39th chapter. 3. Saying one is good while other is nothing in front of it (racism)(basically same as above, but just the fact that supremist tendency shown) . 4. From a student to someone easily willing to kill, it didn't take much time.


The story is good and is almost as if real. Youll get a lot of inspiration and will think that the author is really smart. The only downside is, there is a lot of jargon in it. Terms and technicalities that ia good but really turns off a lot of readers. One or two terms are good but if the chapter is full of it, it gets tiring. I would have said, I should just study if this is the case. I read it until chaoter 200 via MTL but it did not change a little at all. Chapters are full of scientific things instead of the story. I am good though with the storyline, hoping to just remove excess terms that really doesnt help at all. I am not a biology student, i dont concern myself with a lot of science stuff, reading this is really painful. It gives knowledge(not even sure if they are really correct) but removes the joy in reading a otherwise good novel😅


again i am sad to say that this novel story is very boring all start's are interesting. but after a few dozens chapters it start to get very boring :(


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