9 [9] What the actual f*ck

Kage reluctantly followed Ren back to his house, which turned out to be one of the small mansions inside the palace. Mama Ren opened the door to let Ren and Kage go in first then shut the door behind them, as soon as Kage got into the house though he saw a huge white cat lying on the ground. <"What the f*** is that!?"> he yelled out in horror inside his mind. "Kenken, come say hi to kitty!!" Said Ren while running up and patting the cat's rear end. Kenken (let's just call it Ken for now) raised her head to look at Kage and her eyes suddenly sparkled. "Hubby!!" Everyone in the room was dumbfounded. Kage opened his mouth to retort but Ken suddenly pounced on him, pressing him against the ground. Just then Kage's mind went into chaos, <"Wait!! My first time is gonna be taken by a big ass cat!! F***!! We don't even know eachother!!"> Kage screamed out. "Oh, I'm Kenken, you can call me Ken, or wifey." <"Wtf!!! When the hell did i become your hubby!!">

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Ken held down his small body with the weight of her head and smilingly said, "Just now.." Kage with his body pinned down to the floor only had one thought going through his mind, <"What the actual f*ck">