8 [8] Little Ren

{"Host has completed mission. Calculating Rewards.... +20 SP +1 EP"} Kage looked at the screen with a satisfied grin. <"Hehe- Wait why did my rewards suddenly become less!?"> He said when he suddenly realized half of his System Points were missing. {"Host met an unexpected turn in mission which caused difficulty to be reduced."} Ai replied to him in her usual mechanical voice. <"Damn."> Kage cried out in frustration while turning the corner of the palace. "Aw mum look at the kitty." A small child-like voice suddenly called out. Kage turned his head to see who the kid was talking about to find the kid had already ran over to him and had started to reach out to pick him up. "Mum look, it's so small. Even Kenken is bigger than him.." The child said while presenting Kage to his mother. Kage who was being held by the child choked on his spit. <"Who the f*ck is small!! You're small!! You're whole family is small!!"> Kage retorted in his mind feeling insulted by the word small.

"Ah, Little Ren put the poor thing down." Ren's mother said while gesturing to the ground. "But-" "No buts, Ren, now put it down. He looks like he isn't very pleased with you picking him up." His mother cut him off. <"Like hell I'm not pleased!! This kid is holding me like some kind of animal- oh wait..."> Kage retorted again in his mind but immediately felt disheartened. "Okay mum, but can we bring him back with us." Ren asked his mother. "Hm. If the cat says yes then you may. Our Kenken might even be happy with getting a new friend." Ren's mother said while Ren's eyes lit up. "Hey kitty, would you like to come to my home?" Ren said as he turned Kage twords him with stars in his eyes. Kage turned his head away from Ren. <"Ugh. Too bright! Damn it, I can't reject him."> Kage gritted his teeth and reluctantly nodded his head while Ren's mother stood there with a dumbfounded look. "See mum kitty said yes." Ren said hugging Kage. His mother on the other hand was regretting her decision of asking the cat. I'm sorry dear but Ren's puppy-dog eyes are too much.' She thought while rubbing her templates.


Kage: "Who is Kenken?"

Ren: "Kenken is my best friend!" UwU)

Kage: "...I feel hurt by that."

Ren: "Don't worry kitty is also my best friend."

Kenken: "Hubby!!"

Ren: "H- what the f*ck!! You're female!? And when the f*ck did I become Your hubby!!"

Kenken: "Just now."

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